Saturday, December 19, 2015

Female survival tips

It's a Woman's World: A List of Female Survival Tips

Another slightly stupid list.

"As a woman, my list has a few differences. I know the first thing on my mind after a disaster hits will be, “Where is my family? Are they ok?” The second is, “How do I care for them and myself?”"

No. You are a mother, and a traditional USonian mother at that.

My first question is "what is happening?"
I need to be aware of the world enough to be able to judge the situation and to know when it's time to stop assessing and start acting.

The next question is "how can I save what is important to me?"
#1 on that list is me.
Everything I want to save is something that is important to me. Like my children, my husband, my family, my pets.
Then comes my home, my material property, my community, in ever widening circles, me being the center.
I don't believe anyone who says anything different.

1) If you can't apply your survival tips to EVERY MEMBER OF THE GROUP, it's worthless.
It's not the mother's job to see that all members of the group are safe and well taken care for. It's the job of the leader of the group.
Also, one of the most stated prepper mistakes is assuming you are going to make it alone. The need of community, networking and team is often ignored and neglected and the rules of the team survival are the same, whether it is just the closest family group, a village or a team of well-trained military.

2) Every member of the group should have a BOB and the rules of what to pack are the same, whether you are 1 or 101, male or female, human or animal.
Every member of the group who cannot carry his/her own BOB needs to have his/her BOB items divided within the group, so that one single person isn't responsible for carrying her BOB, the baby and the baby's BOB, too, because this limits her chances of survival. Any team leader who allows this is a bad leader.

"For children, a small toy. For ladies, tampons! For babies, washable diapers, and baby bottles. Maybe a binky!"
Uh. I'm going to talk about that later.

3)- 12) These are not some "female tips". The rules apply to every member of the team, females and males, humans and animals.


Children and pets are the responsibility of their caretakers, not just mothers. If you are planning survival without considering EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD, you don't deserve to survive.

Every member of the team needs to learn how to entertain themselves and others without toys, games and hobbies that need any equipment. Sure, it's great if you can knit, but knitting needles and yarn doesn't belong in your BOB or 72 hours kit.

Every member of the group needs to learn to obey orders, stay quiet and leave the objections to a peaceful situation.
Everyone who is responsible for taking care of the babies, toddlers and pets needs to learn how to make them quiet without killing them, or to be able to kill them quickly and humanely if they can't...

Every member of the family needs to learn to take care of their toilet hygiene without toilet paper. It will be one of the first things that's vanishing when SHTF.

Every member of the team also needs to learn to take care of their personal hygiene without water, soap and toothpaste.

The only thing that's "female" on this list is menstruation.

You need to deal with your menstruation in a sustainable way. The best would be learning to use a cup, but that's not possible for some women. If you are one of them, find the way.

Also, women need to be able to dispose of the blood and stains in a way that doesn't attract predators. Having blood stained clothes is like sending an invitation to predators.

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