Monday, December 14, 2015

How to become a prepper?

1) Define "prepper". 

I think a prepper is a person who is prepared for any possible future catastrophe or crisis.

2) What are these "possible future catastrophes or crisis"?

I live in Sweden, and I am Finnish, so I am going to focus on the situation here.

The catastrophes I should prepare for are
- winter storms
- electricity outage or some other infrastructure failure, like roads/tunnels/bridges being cut off
- landslides, snowslides, mudslides, rockslides are possible. Not very likely, though.
- flooding
- snow related problems
- large scale accidents, like chemical  or gas leak, or large traffic accident
- terrorism (not very likely, but can happen)
- human, animal, plant disease and illness outbreaks / pandemic
- excessive heat or cold
- draught

I am somewhat worried about the global warming and the consequences of that, and a little worried about a possible nuclear war or a huge volcano outburst on the other side of the world making it snow ashes all over the planet. That I see as having the most shaking effect in my life.

Nevertheless, I think it's good to be prepared.  After all, I CAN be, so why wouldn't I?

3) What do I need to do to prepare myself for this?

I need to make sure that I have shelter, water, food and fire, and that I can be sure I have it tomorrow, too, and next week, and next year.

There has been talk about "areas of survival", and this is a list of those:

- first aid skills, practical health care, nursing, medics, preventive means (sun protection, insulation, insect repellents), allergies, rashes etc.

- food - gardening, animal husbandry, hunting, foraging
- food preparation from living animals and growing plants to meal
- foor preservation and storage

- make-do and mend - fix-it - reuse, reduce, recycle
- be able to fix EVERYTHING one needs and uses, from clothes to small machines, power generators, appliances, plumbing, carpentry etc. etc.

- sanitation
-- water purification
-- cleaning
-- hygiene
-- waste management

- defense and safety
-- self-defense and hand-to-hand fighting
-- firearms and other weapons
-- safety perimeter, watchout, locks, snares and dogs

- bushcraft, primitive crafts, wilderness skills, scouting, hiking, camping, backpacking
- wilderness skills

- shelter, home, home maintenance

- fire
- energy
- lighting

- emergency communication

- navigation/orienteering

- transport
-- vehicle maintenance and equipping
-- fuel

- special plans for each individual situation

4) Make a prepping notebook or binder. 

Have a paper copy of everything prepping related, because you don't know if you can access the electric information in the time of need.

Have those above mentioned areas in your binder, but also
- list of resources you have and need
- list of skills you have and need
- list of equipment you have and need
- instructions, recipes, patterns and tutorials

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