Monday, December 21, 2015

Water economy

I am also interested in the water economy, especially after having read Dune and about the Fremens and how they collected every tiny drop of moisture. Water is precious and we are wasting enormous amounts of it in the Western World with plenty of water. We are not only wasting it by using it thoughtlessly, but we are also contaminating and polluting it.
I think we should become more conscious when it comes to water use.

An average Western person uses some 100-150 liters of water EVERY DAY.
We could actually collect, filter and distil the waste water.

It is not difficult to collect the greywater and build a water toilet that uses the greywater to flush it.

Dishwashing water is great for watering plants if biodegradable soap was used, as it is. All the "dirt" is organic nutrition.

It's not difficult to filter the wastewater and then let the sun make it clean, drinkable water again. (It just takes quite a lot of space - 1 square meter solar still cleans about 4-6 liters a day, so to clean 100 liters, you'd need 15-25 square meters solar still.)

If you have a water tank on the roof, you have your own tiny waterfall in your house, to get water power from.

If you clean your own waste water, collect the rain water and have a well, you could fill your personal water tower with human power every morning, use a solar water heater

Instead of running on an electrically powered treadmill, 
why not run in a treadwheel and use your power to do other things? 
Like lift water from the well?

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