Friday, December 25, 2015

Off Grid

In my mind it is great that so many people are interested in finding alternative energy production methods and ways of using our waste instead of just producing it. Green is cheaper. :-)

* solar energy
* wind energy
* water energy
* geothermal energy
* biofuel and ethanol
* biogas
* biomass energy (biopower)
* hydrogen from water and urine

It is not easier, though. When you get off grid, you also take the responsibility of maintaining the energy production and electrical appliances.
There are people who know more about this than I do. At least now.

Here's a great article about this: So you want to go off-grid

A word for the suspicious people, to whom getting off-grid is a step in "becoming invisible to government and electric media". I don't recommend this.

1) There are some benefits and privileges of being a listed citizen. For example, if you don't exist, you won't be able to own anything, so basically anyone can come and claim your property in their name and there's no damned thing you can do. If you start defending what's yours, YOU will be the criminal, and YOU will be the "illegal alien".
Your identity is still out there, for anyone to use for their own purposes.
There are situations when you need help, like medical emergencies and wildfire and other natural catastrophes.

2) "They" will be able to find you if "they" want to... but no-one will know about it. Now, if you have neighbours and are active in the village life, people will remember you and start asking questions if you disappear for real.

It really is wonderful if you want to become totally self-sufficient and independent of other people, but don't cut the social ties. Even when people are often bothersome and annoying, there is "comfort in numbers". A community is harder to destroy than a family. It's harder to see a couple of people disappearing from the group of 100 than 10.

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