Saturday, December 19, 2015

What professions would be the most valuable in an apocalyptic world? Really?

What professions would be the most valuable in an apocalyptic world?
and could that profession be done with limited supplies?

Your Answers ITT:

1) Medical Professional
2) Engineer
3) Soldier
4) Farmer
5) Fisherman
6) Gunsmith
7) Wilderness Survival Expert
8) Prostitute
9) Dentist
10) Leatherworker
11) Hunter
12) Blacksmith
13) IT
14) Electrician
15) Carpenter
16) Welder
17) Shoemaker
18) Distiller (for disinfecting dirty water)
19) Miner
20) Soap Makers
21) Butcher
22) Translator
23) Their Father
24) Librarian?
25) Midwife

People Listed ITT:

1) Bear Grylls
2) Les Stroud
3) Holmes (Construction show host?)
4) Daryl Dixon (Fictional Character from The Walking Dead)
5) Rednecks
6) Amish People
7) Boy Scouts/Eagle Scouts
8) Gang Members

This is sad. :-(

Prostitutes? Seriously?

Also, only rednecks and gangsters can trust rednecks and gangsters. That is, as long as they belong to the same fraction. 

I'd pick a witch or two. They probably know more about foraging that most of those aforementioned people. Bear might know more. Might. They also most likely know quite a lot of alternative healthcare and herbalism. I know I do. Quite a many of them are also midwives.

I'd pick some of the re-enactors, who live like the Vikings did or how they did during the stone age. There are some iron age re-enactment settlements or villages. Those people have actually lived the life and learned the skills of a NORMAL life. A bit like the Amish, without the religious baggage.

Scouts... as long as they are like Bear Grylls, sure, but when they are the homophobic badge collectors, no. I'd rather have people with long experience of hiking and backpacking and not so much of following the rules and performing in tests.

Only the Amish of the above-mentioned people know anything about animal husbandry and farming. Rednecks MIGHT know something, but... they aren't very well known by their appreciation of land and sustainable methods, are they?

If I had to pick a fictional character, I'd choose MacGyver, and I'd rather have Hackett than Holmes.

"IT" wouldn't even get to my list. (Not prostitutes either)
I'd take a mechanic before an electrician.
I'd take a carpenter before an engineer
Building a still isn't difficult or complicated. Anyone can build one and use it, too, so - "distiller"?
Making soap is very easy as well.
Librarian? I'd rather have a storyteller and a teacher.
And what do you do with a miner?

Also, I like Ray Mears and Cody Lundin better than Les Stroud and Bear Grylls.

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